VC047000760046, YLK20000CB

The hand chain hoist model Yalelift combines modern design with technical innovation. The robust construction characterizes this series for a variety of applications. The integrated load pressure brake secures the load in any position.

The Yalelift 360 range is available with different coatings (powder coated, MKS coating, etc.). In the standard version we offer this model with a load hook. In addition, we also offer the model YL with integrated push or geared trolley and even for low headroom space.

Key Features

  • The robust stamped steel housing with four stay bolts protects all internal components even in the toughest working conditions.
  • The extremely low headroom allows maximum use of the lifting height.
  • The hardened load sheave with four precision machined pockets ensures accurate movement of the load chain.
  • Chain guide and gearbox are almost totally enclosed. Even under the toughest conditions, the internal gearbox remains protected.