JUUKO is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of industrial radio remote controls with a clear focus on safety, efficiency and productivity. Their products are used in over 20 countries around the world in the hoisting and cranes industry. The perfect tool for magnetic cranes, overhead cranes, electric chain hoists and tandem operations.

The X-Series receiver is small and lightweight. It can be installed easily and does not require too much space. The receiver can be operated directly without the transmitter using the buttons on the receiver. It can also be operated simultaneously by two people.

The K-Series remote controls are easy to use and provide comfort due to their ergonomic design. The transmitter is constructed with ultra-high impact resistant corner bumpers for added protection and a rubber protective cover underneath the EMO button which is dust-resistant. The back of the remote control features a matt black rubber finish which is durable and offers a secure and comfortable grip.

Key Features

  • Internal BootLoader, update ´Čürmware by using computer
  • Wireless pairing to transmitter
  • Compact lightweight design
  • Range limiting function allows reduction of maximum distance for the transmitter to continue operating
  • Electronic key-code and automatic shut-off option programmable to prevent accidental activation of the transmitter
  • Shock resistant transmitter designed with ultra-high impact resistant corner bumpers