Ron StageMaster 6000 Shackle Pin Wireless (Multi Point System)

RSM6000SLP-02-10, RSM6000SLP-10-5, RSM6000SLP-05-5

Eilon Engineering specializes in Ron Crane Scales™ dynamometers and load cells – all innovative, state-of-the-art products incorporating the latest technologies.

The Ron StageMaster 6000G5 is easy to install, versatile and durable. The wireless multi-point load monitoring system includes high accuracy fatigue rated load cells with exceptional battery life. Specifically designed for load monitoring of stage rigging, it allows riggers to exert greater control over weight distributions. Available up to 300t capacity.

Key Features

  • Reliable, independent data flow from each load cell
  • Extremely low headroom and quick installation
  • All Eilon Engineering load cells are Fatigue Rated according to ASME BTH-1 and IEC 61508.
  • Tablet and smart phone compatibility allows for portable browsing
  • ±1% of full range accuracy