Ron 2501 Hook Type – Wireless (Single System)

RON2501H02, RON2501H05, RON2501H10, RON2501H15

Eilon Engineering specializes in Ron Crane Scales™ dynamometers and load cells – all innovative, state-of-the-art products incorporating the latest technologies. Ron dynamometers are ideal for safe weighing during lifting, tension or drag force measurement. They are portable, durable and feature extremely long battery life.

The Ron 2501 is an exceptionally small, light and advanced wireless dynamometer with long range and built in transmission verification mechanism. Special perpendicular design neutralizes bending of the load cell, increasing accuracy and safety. Available in 0.5t to 300t.

Key Features

  • Highly Accurate: ± 0.1% of full range - important for early overload detection
  • Resistant: IP67 Offshore protection for load cell
  • Robust: Heavy duty designs with shock absorbing mechanisms
  • Minimal Headroom Loss: Smallest on the market - important for indoor applications
  • Meets Standards: All Eilon Engineering load cells are Fatigue Rated according to ASME BTH-1-2017, ASME B30.26 and IEC 61508