JUUKO is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of industrial radio remote controls with a clear focus on safety, efficiency, and productivity. Their products are used in over 20 countries around the world in the hoisting and cranes industry. The perfect tool for magnetic cranes, overhead cranes, electric chain hoists and tandem operations.

The M Series is small in size and big in flexibility. It can be used across a range of products and machinery making it truly universal. The remote system can be designed and custom built specifically to your requirements.

Key Features

  • The "MyMODE" feature allows you to set restricted controlling mode settings in your crane or machine system that promote safe and responsible controlling. You can limit top speed, Multi-control System, transmitting power and more
  • 12 LEDs at the top of the controller provide quick and accurate feedback of the status of each receiver
  • The black box function allows the user to record all data
  • QI wireless charging compatible