JDN500, JDXK500M

The new JDN Mini is the most compact hoist available in the market, with a carrying capacity of up to 980kg and an integrated NFC sensor with service app that makes it truly unique in the industry. Unrivaled in its comfort and ease of use, the new JDN Mini Air Hoist sets the highest benchmark in hoisting technology.

Key Features

  • Manufactured in Germany, under strict quality control with demanding tolerances.
  • All JDN models are manufactured to comply with AS1418.2.
  • 100% duty rating and unlimited duty cycle.
  • New Limit switches offer improved safety bonus; will switch off the lifting and lowering movement when bumper touches stop valve.
  • Increased operating time to 800 hours through improved construction and optimisation.
  • A corrosion resistant food grade model is available on request. The specification sheet is available to download on this page.