Pneumatic Hoists

Pneumatic hoists are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have in your workplace or on your job site. Also known as air hoists, they operate using air pressure differentials to move the chain or rope attached to the weight that is being lifted, ensuring the safe maneuvering of heavy objects through an up-and-down control pendant. Pneumatic hoists are extremely useful in cases where there needs to be absolute precision and control. 

Although they are not as quick as electronic hoists as they require a build-up of pressure to achieve the necessary force, the slow pace allows for fragile materials to be moved carefully, ensuring there is no room for error or damage. Pneumatic hoists also ensure little stress is placed on the object itself while raising and lowering the hoist. Due to the constant output and intake of air, they’re much less likely to overheat after extended use. 

A safe alternative to electronic hoists

Powered by pneumatics, air hoists are indispensable in high-risk worksites that must avoid generating any spark source that could ignite flammable gasses. Unlike electric hoists, they’re usually the ideal tool for explosion-sensitive work environments like paint shops, mines, oil rigs and gas rigs. Pneumatic hoists are equipped with spark-resistant features, corrosion-resistant features and explosion-proof units. 

Typically weighing 40% to 50% less than electric hoists, pneumatic hoists can be operated in remote environments where electricity is unavailable. Impervious to dust, dirt, high temperatures and humidity, they feature self-cooling gearboxes and have a 100% duty cycle rating. These hoists can work for hours on end without overheating or causing excessive temperature interruptions. Containing few mechanical components compared to electric hoists, pneumatic hoists are easy to maintain, easy to move, lighter in weight, more affordable to repair and a safer alternative for a multitude of applications. 

Pneumatic hoists are suitable for hazardous construction sites

At Pacific Hoists, we supply pneumatic hoists from a number of top manufacturers. Major brands such as J.D. Neuhaus and Vital are recognised throughout the industry in Australia for the highest quality, best performing and most reliable equipment available for lifting applications. And they’re all available to purchase on our website. Suitable for many applications in the mining, construction, industrial and automotive industry, we’re confident you’ll find a hoist that suits your construction or on-site building needs.

For tough industrial applications, even in continuous working processes, opt for the JDN715 hoist. Sturdy, durable and water-resistant. It meets the strict requirements of the oil and gas industry and is suitable for all environmental conditions. With contaminants like dirt and water simply blown out by air, our best-selling model is complete with safety features like load brakes and emergency stop and shock protection.

If you’re after a more compact pneumatic hoist that can still carry up to 980 kilograms worth of material, look no further than the JDN Mini Air Hoist. Featuring limit switches that disable lifting and lowering movements when the bumper touches the stop valve, it uses the latest technology to ensure unlimited duty cycles. Where pneumatic chain hoists with extremely low headroom are required for lifting and moving loads in confined spaces, the JDN Low Monorail Air Hoist is an appropriate option. Suited for hazardous areas, it’s resistant to humidity, dust and extreme temperatures, making it a top seller.

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With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we’re well equipped to help you tackle any hoist related task you have on your job or construction site. No matter your industry or specific safety requirements, our team of experts will guide you through the process and ensure you’re purchasing the right model.

After ordering your equipment online, we will provide you with after-sales support so you can get the most out of your new purchase. Along with catalogues, FAQs, glossaries and presentations on the current state of the industry, you’ll find video content that demonstrates safe installation techniques, use and maintenance. Contact our friendly team at Pacific Hoists today if you’d like to learn more about our range of pneumatic hoists.