12 October 2020

We are Carbon Neutral

We are Carbon Neutral

Pacific Hoists is committed to a long-term strategy that prioritises reducing our impact on the environment.

Our originally planned abatement programs were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we have been diligent about still achieving our goals.

We have analysed and assessed all aspects of our business.

Despite the hardships of 2020, we have achieved all of our original goals by restructuring our strategy to accommodate the current global climate. Pacific Hoists has contributed to reforestation efforts in New Zealand and Australia through the Rameka Reforestation and Restoration Carbon Project and the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Reforestation Project. This led us into supporting Indigenous communities in traditional back-burnings in Australia as part of the Southern Aurukun Savanna Burning Project. Our projects are recognised by the international Environmental Registry, the Commonwealth Government, and the New Zealand Emissions Trading Register.

Above and beyond our abatement programs, Pacific Hoists has looked internally to further drive our company-wide commitment to becoming the first carbon neutral company within our industry.

With all aspects of the business and employees accounted for, we are proud to say that Pacific Hoists, is a carbon neutral company, one of the first in our industry.

Becoming and working with
Carbon Neutral companies can…

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your partners & end users 
  • Demonstrate leadership within the industry in regards to sustainability 
  • Give consumers transparency about the environmental impact
  • Participate in environmental and carbon neutral supply chain partnerships.
  • Further increase staff motivation and be an employer of choice and may provide a competitive advantage for clients who choose to work with ‘‘hero’’ partners — those in a more environmentally sustainable supply chain.

There has been an elevation in the standard of care required from Australian and New Zealand organisations in relation to climate change and environmental impact. We’ve worked hard to exceed the UK based international standards for carbon neutrality, and we want to help others in Australia and New Zealand to achieve the same.

Making a difference

Pacific Hoists Australia and New Zealand will be participating in more environmental cleanup activities, both terrestrial and marine environments. We also aim to engage with our communities more, providing aid and promoting discussion among our fellow Australians & New Zealanders about the real-life impact of a more environmentally conscious nation.