30 January 2023

Lift to New Heights with Liftket

Lift to New Heights with Liftket


Liftket electric chain hoists are characterized above all by their high level of safety. The chain hoist features first class material and technologies, ensuring excellent quality. The electric hoists can be customised and come in extremely high load capacities for the toughest industries and applications.


B13 and Star model now available at Pacific Hoists

Why you should choose Liftket

Liftket electric chain hoist model

Extremely low maintenance design

Motor, oil filled and oil sealed gear box, pre-adjusted brake and control module are separately interchangeable. There is no special adjustment required other than clutch adjustment using a test load.





Liftket hooksFirst class material and technologies

Liftket performed complicated and time consuming tests to ensure the first class material and technologies used ensure excellent parts quality. The lifetime of the parts exceeds all the requirements of the FEM regulations.





Liftket clutch

Patented clutch system

A high level of safety due to the arrangement of the sliding clutch between the motor and brake. The new patented clutch system achieves positive locking connections between brake and load. This safety principle means that “no load drop is possible if the clutch fails”.