11 January 2023

Doing our bit with Irukandji!

Doing our bit with Irukandji!

Doing our bit with Irukandji!

Irukandji Shark and Ray Centre is a unique, interactive aquarium that is dedicated to the conservation of the ocean through interaction, display, communication, education and research. Visitors get to experience ocean life in a new and exciting way.

Our first two groups of the Pacific Hoists team have visited the Irukandji Shark and Ray Centre as part of our company’s Environmental Responsibility strategy.

Both teams got a hands on experience into the importance of looking after our oceans and in-particular our stingrays and sharks.

Did you know? That up to 70% of the fish we eat when we order fish & chips is actually shark or stingray!!

Small things we can all do to help:

  • Avoid single use plastics
  • Ask where your seafood is coming from to ensure it is a sustainable option (e.g. farmed barramundi)

Pacific Hoists has donated $1000 to cover a water treatment test!

Steve from Pacific Hoists handing Brian from Irukandji a donation cheque

We look forward to our next visit in February and further supporting Irukandji and their amazing efforts in helping our oceans.

Stay tuned to see how we help out next…

We encourage you to visit the centre to learn more about their work. It’s a great day out!

Learn more about Irukandji Shark and Ray Centre