Thiess John Holland – Airport Link Project

Thiess John Holland – Airport Link Project

The Customer

The Thiess John Holland Joint Venture was contracted by BrisConnections to undertake the design, construction and commissioning of Australia’s largest ever road infrastructure project: the Brisbane Airport Link, the Northern Busway (Windsor to Kedron) and the Airport Roundabout Upgrade.

The Brisbane Airport Link is a 6.7km toll road, mainly underground which is the first major motorway linking Brisbane city to the northern suburbs and airport precinct.

Product Requirements

Thiess John Holland had a requirement for 10 x 10 tonne chain blocks with 14 meter lift height.

These blocks were required to lift curved sections of precast concrete to create the entry into the tunnel. A boring machine entered through this pipework and began tunneling for the new express roadway.

The blocks located at the top of the tunnel had a requirement of 450mm headroom for 10 tonne chain blocks coupled to geared girder trolleys, a specification which Pacific Hoists were able to meet.

The JDN Air Hoists, which were used during the construction of this tunnel to improve the speed of the assembly process, were hired from Kennards Lift & Shift based in Rocklea.

Our Partner

Kennards Lift & Shift and Kennards Hire are leading industry specialists in Lift & Shift, Materials Handling Hire. Lift & Shifts branches are situated in Silverwater, Garbutt, Belmont, Hindmarsh, Richmond, Rocklea and Dandenong with Hire branches located throughout Australia and New Zealand. As a group Kennards specialise in providing customers with leading quality brands, first class customer service and experience in Lift & Shift, Materials Handling Equipment sectors, which in-turn has seen Pacific Hoists become a core supplier to over 150 Kennards branches in Australia and New Zealand forging and cementing an excellent business relationship partnership.