Queensland Rail National Redbank

Queensland Rail National Redbank

Lifting steel products out of Crates

The Customer

Queensland Rail (QR) is one of Australia’s largest transport and logistical enterprises, operating nationally, from Cairns in the far north down to Melbourne in the south and west to Perth. On any one day, QR operates more than 1,000 train services, carries around 170,000 passengers and moves around 680,000 tonnes of freight.

The Challenge

The Redbank workshop of QR approached Bremco Metal Products for a user-friendly solution for picking steel products from crates located outdoors. The steel products to be picked weighed between 20-80kg and the need was for a easy and quick way of lifting these products, eliminating the need for staff to reach down into the crates to lift items out.

Our Partner

Bremco Metal Products, a Queensland based family business who supply custom-made material handling solutions, contacted Pacific Hoists and together they came up with a design which would solve the problem.

The Solution

By combining three Pacific Hoists products we built a unique lifting structure using; My-T-Lift, Pacific Electric Winch and the Pacific Magnetic Lifter mounted on a transport plate. By lowering the magnet into the crates the operator was able to simply connect with the product and use the My-T-Lift combination to lift the products from the crate safely. The system has been designed to fit on a forklift for easy transportation around the site. The new and unique process has dramatically reduced the need for staff to reach into the crates to lift items out, significantly improving the safety and increasing efficiency of operations on the site.

Customer Feedback

Queensland Rail was very impressed with the solution provided to them by Bremco Metal Products in cooperation with Pacific Hoists and will continue to work with both parties in the future.