Entertainment Lifting Rig

Entertainment Lifting Rig

Entertainment Lifting Rig – PPH500 x JUUKO Solution

IWR Lifting needed a solution for Newcastle University’s entertainment lifting rig. Pacific Hoists’ technical team collaborated with GB Electrical to provide a lifting solution using four Pacific Porta Hoists via 1 JUUKO radio remote control. The products were sold through IWR Lifting with installation being carried out by GB Electrical.

Our Pacific Porta Hoists are manufactured and tested to comply to Australian standards AS1418-2. The hoists are each rated and certified to their individual rated capacity. The purpose of the lift is to provide additional support over the four points on the camera and lighting rig.

Pacific Porta Hoist:

  • Fitted with RUD European grade 80 zinc plated load chains that meets both EN818 European and AUS compliance.
  • Raise and lower limit switches to prevent overrun by operator.
  • Failsafe mechanical brake.
  • Overload protection which prevents the operator lifting loads above the rated capacity.
  • Dual speed motor providing the operator precise and controlled lifting and lowering.


Optional: JUUKO Remote Control

  • Exceeds AUS and NZ safety requirements.
  • One radio remote that can control all 4 hoists in synchronisation or in any combination. This provides the safest method of control that allows the operator full field of vision and not being tethered to the machine as is the case with conventional hard-wired pendants.
  • Dual channel prevents any third-party frequency interference.
  • Range control can set operators control distance.
  • Hand remote can be set up with unique password entry to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Control pro software can provide data feedback of handset misuse, hour meter, number of operations used, and auto switch off.