Ammann Asphalt Plant

Ammann Asphalt Plant

Ammann Asphalt Plant – Yale CPV Electric Hoist Solution

Ammann is a world-leading supplier of mixing plants, machines, and services to the construction industry with core expertise in road building and transportation infrastructure.

The Ammann asphalt plant produces a mix consisting of 99 per cent recycled materials, including toner from print cartridges, tyres, and glass.

The plant uses our 1t Electric Yale Hoists and Yale Trolleys to lift screens, materials and other materials that are used for maintenance on the plant itself.

Yale CPV Electric Hoist 1t:

The hoist combines modern design and technical innovation.

  • Increased operating safety through 42V control voltage (low voltage control) and the main contactor.
  • The integrated limit switch for the highest and lowest hook position considerably extends the service life of the slip clutch, motor and gearbox.
  • Overload protection (slip clutch) in all CPV hoists is outside force flow to meet higher safety requirements.
  • Electromagnetic spring pressure brake holds the load safely even in the event of power failure.
  • Different suspension types available such as top hook, lug or an integrated trolley. A retro-fit to another type of suspension is possible.