The Challenger series is a compelling range of  lifting and materials handling equipment that encapsulates the essence of affordable AND quality products. The current products available for sale through our distributors are listed below, alongside a brief summary of its utility. Find out which Challenger product you need!

*NEW* Challenger Electric Chain Hoist


Challenger Electric Chain Hoists are used for applications such as lifting and securing overhead systems, arrays and clusters for multi-purposes. The hoist is available from 250kg to 2t capacity and optional Motorised Trolleys are available to enable optimal operations.

All the products in the Challenger range are manufactured from the highest quality materials, with competitive pricing, the most pertinent qualities that Pacific Hoists is renowned for in the Asia-Pacific market. For every Challenger product purchased, a donation will be made through the McGrath Foundation and the Child Cancer Foundation to support those with cancer and their families.

Challenger Girder Clamps Challenger Push Trolleys Challenger Brake Winches
 Challenger Girder Clamp - image challenger-push-trolley1 Challenger Brake Winch
Challenger Girder Clamps are used to safely suspend loads of many descriptions from girders (I-beams). Manual, Electric and Air hoists installations are examples of their wide capability of usage. Challenger Push Trolleys are designed to travel along universal beams and columns, suiting a variety of beam widths to enable the easiest and most convenient means to move a heavy load. Challenger Brake Winches can be used for both lifting and pulling purposes and are a compact, lightweight and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications.
Challenger Chain Block Challenger Drum Lifter Challenger Electric Lifter Trolley
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Challenger Chain Blocks are suitable for many applications in the mining, construction, industrial and automotive industry, providing a safe solution in lifting and lower loads by pulling on the hand chain. Challenger Drum Lifters are a safe solution to shifting 250kg drums with its light-weight design, swivel steering and easily manoeuvrable handle to allow easy positioning. Challenger Electric Lifter Trolleys can be applied to a wide variety of tasks including lifting and loading heavy equipment, loading and unloading trucks, skids and pallets. The electric lifter trolley can do it all.
Challenger Lever Block Challenger Manual Lifter Challenger Pallet Truck
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Challenger Lever Blocks provide solutions in lifting and pulling applications through the latest lever technology to ensure a higher quality design and operator safety. Challenger Manual Lifter Trolleys are fitted with an overload valve and slow lowering valve to control speed, which is ideal for unloading skids in warehouses, workshops and smaller working environments. Challenger Pallet Trucks is a cost effective alternative to forklifts, with an articulating axle that enables easier handling and control on uneven floor surfaces.

The Challenger brand is devoted to delivering the 3 Cs:

  • Commitment: Providing the highest quality manufacturing and product inclusive of a 2 year warranty and compliance to the Australian standards
  • Community: Holding strong associations with the community through charitable partnerships in both Australia and New Zealand
  • Competitive: Representing the best value for money in the market

Built to suit a variety of industrial and manufacturing environments, Challenger’s range of material handling products are perfect for smaller workshops, assembly lines, unloading skids and lifting heavy loads.

Take the Challenge and view the full range of Challenger products today!

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