Chain Blocks4One of the most versatile products within the lifting industry, chain blocks offer a quick and efficient lifting solution for many applications. We’ve outlined below the best standards and and extras you’ll get with your next Pacific, Challenger and Vital chain block purchase.

Quality Product

Manufactured to comply with Australian and International Standards our chain blocks are backed by 12 months to 2 years warranty.  Extremely easy to use, their compact, no aluminium and high quality design makes them suitable for various applications and improves overall user safety.

Lift height and capacity

The three brands range in capacity from 250kg to 20 tonnes with a standard lift height of 3m and 6m for the Challenger & Pacific ranges  and 3m for Vital. Both the Pacific and Vital range can be easily customised on request.

Key Features

A preferred choice for most mine sites, the Vital Chain Blocks are tried, tested and globally recognised for their quality manufacturing. Key features include hardened alloy steel load chain and long term use design. Our Pacific and Challenger ranges have a gear system specifically designed to reduce effort when lifting a load, whilst the no aluminum content in both makes them suitable and  safe to use in mining applications.


Both the Vital and Pacific Chain block come available with optional overload. The Pacific range comes with a patented overload limiting device on almost every model (excl. 250kg) to help improve user safety. All Vital chain blocks can be supplied with overload protection for added user safety if required.



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