Trip Down Memory Lane

Trip Down Memory Lane With Pacific Hoists

We have come a long way from 40 years ago. It’s times like these when we reflect and share what we have accomplished over the past years. Here are a few of our personal favourites:


“Pacific Hoists’ car at the Special Children’s Christmas Party”


“Men at work in Germany”


“Sporting the black and yellow for Simplex”


“Pacific Hoists’ AU team photo in 2010″


“Warehouse in Sydney, 1995″

V8 Car

“Pacific Hoists joins the V8 races”

DennisH (2)

“The Herbert family welcoming Hitachi to the Pacific Hoists warehouse”

horse track (2)

“Les & Warren at the 1999 Horse Races sponsored by Pacific Hoists”

old office

“First New Zealand office in Manukau”

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