Special Childrens’ Christmas Party

On the 1st of December 2016, a few Pacific Hoists’ staff volunteered at the Special Childrens’ Christmas Party. This party was thrown for 5000 deserving children in the community, with the aim of putting a smile on their faces for at least a day in the year. Pacific Hoists have been a loyal supporter of the event for over 20 years now and is privileged enough to be recognised as a major sponsor for the 2016 event. 

As a dedicated sponsor, Pacific Hoists’ also brought in 2 V8 supercars to the event: one wrapped in Challenger gear, and the other in Simplex colours. The children absolutely adored climbing into the V8 car’s driver’s seat, pretend-steering and pushing all the buttons they could get their little hands on. On a day filled with A-list entertainers and shows, we were ecstatic that our V8 cars snagged a lot of attention from the children! Below are a few snapshots of how the day went! 


“Pacific Hoists’ staff and the V8 cars”


“Chelsea and Karen with the Challenger V8 car”


“Karen with Robbo and the Simplex V8 car”


“Pacific Hoists’ sponsorship recognition”


“One of the many gifts that the children received”


“Boy with his favourite toy!”


“Enthused little guy on the way to fulfil his dream of becoming a V8 racer”


 ”Children lining up for a turn behind the V8 wheel”

15241837_1129958053788655_5098018628213413110_n ”Our Simplex V8 supercar”


 ”Dean with Robbo at the event”


 ”Our Challenger V8 supercar”


 ”Making one child’s day at a time”

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