NATA member Pacific Hoists has launched a new QR code program which will provide end-users with “point of use” information.

According to CEO Richard Crake: “We’re the first in the industry to use QR codes, and to be able to offer this service with our products is a major step forward.”

A typical QR code Linked to our state of the art IOS compatible website, this  system provides the fastest most efficient environmental acceptable way of obtaining and using information

QR code is the abbreviation for ‘Quick Response code’ and consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. Each code is unique and contains a wide range of information which can be decoded through a QR code reading application on a smartphone.

This application or ‘app’ can be downloaded from the App Store and is used to scan the code through the smartphone’s camera. It will then decode the information automatically.

Examples of QR code reader programs are Optiscan, RedLaser and Telstra Code Reader.

The QR codes for the Pacific Hoists’ products will provide the user with a “point of use” solution. By scanning the QR code which is displayed on the product, the user is able to access specifications, technical drawings and instruction manuals in a quick and environmentally-friendly manner – no paper involved.

This information can be saved on the smartphone or accessed again through re-scanning the code. The information can never be misplaced or lost and will always be available.

Pacific Hoists’ first product range to implement the QR codes is Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists with 2 codes on each product. The first QR code is placed on the hoist body and provides easy and immediate access to the instruction manuals. The second code is located on the pendant.

This code will direct the user to all Hitachi specifications, technical drawings and the relevant manuals. Other product ranges using QR codes include JDN and Vital.

Read this article on the NATA website:

NATA News September 2012 – QR Code Program launched


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