Pacific Hoists NZ: Full Member Of LEEA

(Lifting Equipment Engineers Association)


Pacific Hoists New Zealand is now a full member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), an achievement and privilege only held by notable companies in New Zealand.

LEEA is a global trade association for the lifting equipment industry. The organisation was established in 1944 and incorporated in 2000 as a not for profit company owned and controlled by its members. As of 2016, the organisation consists of over 800 member companies in 56 countries in every continent. LEEA is the largest and leading representative body for all companies involved in the lifting industry.

LEEA members represent every aspect of this industry; from lifting equipment design, manufacture, service and repair, to distribution, inspection, and hire across New Zealand. LEEA provides technical, legal, health and safety support, in addition to news updates, training courses and authoritative representation worldwide. Their goal is to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety in these activities.


As a LEEA member, Pacific Hoists has access to:

  • Independently delivered and assessed training and qualifications for inspectors and technicians involved in lifting equipment maintenance.
  • Internationally recognised TEAM card identity and qualification scheme.
  • Technical audits and support in achieving and maintaining LEEA standards.
  • Representation to authorities at local, national and international level.
  • Formal and informal networking with fellow members.
  • Twice yearly members meetings held across Australia.
  • A promotional listing on the main LEEA website visited by over 60,000 users per year.
  • Expert and up to date information and advice.

By becoming a full member of LEEA, Pacific Hoists NZ underwent a technical audit in which the company’s systems and processes were verified against the defined LEEA and international standards. For Managing Director Ian Crake, failing the audit was never an option. “Due to our professional internal processes, we passed this audit with flying colours and we are very determined to even further develop our standards to become the most successful Lifting Equipment supplier to the New Zealand market.”

Being a full LEEA member means that Pacific Hoists NZ personnel will be trained to the highest technical and safety standards. “LEEA’s training programmes are recognised worldwide and over the next couple of years we will be putting all operational Pacific Hoists NZ staff through the LEEA training programme with our key personnel to be trained to Team Card Level,” Crake said.


As a LEEA member in New Zealand, Pacific Hoists is automatically a LEENZ member, a subsidiary of LEEA that overlooks the New Zealand members in their compliance of regulatory standards and operations.

LEEA New Zealand Incorporated (LEENZ) was formed in 1992 and has since been devoted to quality, safety, training and the testing and inspection of Lifting Equipment to the Manufacturers Standards and the highest level of integrity. LEENZ’s strength derives from the accumulated expertise of its Members who collectively have many years experience within the Lifting Equipment Industry. Along with the sale of Lifting Equipment, many LEENZ Members including Pacific Hoists NZ, offer a complete service of periodic examination, testing, repair, re-certification and general servicing.

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