JUUKO is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of industrial radio remote controls with a clear focus on safety, efficiency and productivity. Their products are used in over 20 countries around the world in the hoisting and cranes industry. The perfect tool for magnetic cranes, overhead cranes, electric chain hoists and tandem operations.

Pacific Hoists is proud to be a JUUKO supplier and the K-Series remote controls are available with all Hitachi, Pacific and Challenger Electric Chain Hoists and Comeup Electric Winches.

The K-Series remote controls are easy to use and provide comfort due to their ergonomic design. The transmitter is constructed with ultra-high impact resistant corner bumpers for added protection and a rubber protective cover underneath the EMO button which is dust-resistant. The back of the remote control features a matt black rubber finish which is durable and offers a secure and comfortable grip.



Unique Product Features:

  • Automatic channel switching allows users to select primary working frequency and secondary working frequency
  • Range limiting function allows reduction of maximum distance for the transmitter to continue operating
  • Electronic key-code and automatic shut-off option programmable to prevent accidental activation of the transmitter
  • System automatically changes to another frequency in presence of radio interference
  • Eco power management system to save battery life
  • Receive and displays via 4 LED signals coming from the receiver (to relay action feedback)
  • Mushroom type EMO button
  • Internal Bootloader, firmware up to date by using a computer
  • Wireless pairing procedure by using pendant push buttons
  • Independent LED's to indicate the status of battery
  • Data logging Black Box system included, which records date and remote usage

Transmitter Features:

  • Ergonomic design to provide comfort and easy-to-use
  • Shock resistant transmitter designed with ultra-high impact resistant corner bumpers
  • Rubber protective cover under EMO button against dust
  • The back of the remote control features a matt black rubber finish which is durable and offers a secure and comfortable grip


Transmitter & Receiver Packages
    Model No.K2001R1TK2001R2TK2021R1TK2021R2TK4041R1TK4041R2TK6061R1TK6061R2T
    No. of Transmitters12121212
    No. of Receivers11111111
    No. of Protective Pouches12121212
    No. of Wrist Straps12121111
    Hip Belt (Optional)--------
    QI Charger - Wireless Charging Technology (Optional)--------
    Suit modelsCP / CWG winches, all single speed hoistsCP / CWG winches, all single speed hoistsAll two-speed hoistsAll two-speed hoistsAll Hitachi, CEH, PEH hoists and trolleysAll Hitachi, CEH, PEH hoists and trolleysTwo-speed cranesTwo-speed cranes
    JUUKO K-Series Remote Control Specifications
      Remote Control FeaturesSpecifications
      Size193 x 57 x 51mm
      Frequency band433MHz
      Typical operating range100m
      Control systemPLL
      Antenna impendance50Ω
      Radio-frequency power<10dBm
      Power supplyDC3V (LR6(AA)1.5V*2)
      Average power consumption16mA a 3Vcc
      Operating and storage temperature(-25°C)-(+55°C) / (-40°C)-(+85°C)
      Housing materialPA(30%fg)
      Protection degreeIP65
      Operating distanceUp to 100m
      Antenna type and impendance50ohm
      Power supply2x AA Alkaline
      JUUKO HS-Series Receiver Specifications
        Receiver FeaturesSpecifications
        Size190 x 184 x 64mm
        Modulation method4FSK
        Sensitivity-112dBm@baud 1.2K bps
        Control systemPLL
        Antenna impendance50Ω
        Power supply24V~264 AC/DC
        Average power consumption 15mA@AC220V (standby mode)