Pacific Electric Hoists and Hitachi Electric Hoists are available with the following Ikusi remotes.



Transmitter Features:

  • High-sensitivity two-step push button
  • Multiband radio with Full-Duplex communication
  • Highly customisable
  • LCD display optional
  • External removable EEPROM SIM module
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • High resistance to impacts
  • Frequency management
  • Battery power pack included

Receiver Features:

  • Multiband radio with Full-Duplex communication
  • External LEDs for troubleshooting
  • Highly field-customisable
  • Removable EEPROM SIM module
  • Frequencies management against interferences
  • STOP: PLd, Category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • Multi-feedback capability
  • 6 digital outputs


Specifications: Transmitters
    ModelT70 1
    Stock CodeRRC007 - RRC008
    Stop functionCat. 3 - PLd
    Ingress protectionIP65/NEMA4
    Anti condensation systemNa
    Frequency bandMultiband (400 – 930 MHz)
    Main mechanisms (max. #)Pushbutton (6)
    Removable EEPROMExternal
    Battery modelBT06K
    Battery life10h
    Operating temperature Range-20C + 70C (-4F + 158F)
    Weight (with battery) grams460
    HarnessHand strap
    Display2x12 Char LCD
    Range limiteryes
    Associated receiversRO6/ R13/ R70
    Functions of RRC007Raise, lower, east, west, E/stop
    Functions of RRC008Raise, lower, east, west, north, south, E/stop
    Specifications: Receivers
      Stop functionCat. 3 - PLd
      Ingress protectionIP65/NEMA4
      Frequency bandMultiband (400 – 930 MHz)
      AC power supply24, 48 – 240 VAC or 12VDC
      Removable EEPROMInternal
      ON/ OFF outputs (max.)6
      ON/ OFF inputs (max.)4
      Analogue inputs (max.)1
      Max. output current6A
      Working temperature range-20C + 70C (-4F + 158F)
      Weight (g)640
      Dimensions ( LxWxH mm)151 x 129 x 61
      Cable connectionYes
      Associated transmittersT70/1, T70/1ATEX, IK2