Kromer Spring Balancers (Retractors) and Zero Gravity Balancers are designed to support heavy hand-operated process tools and enables them to be operated with minimum effort. The balancers will automatically retract the tool to its initial position upon releasing it after use. An automatic arresting mechanism (ratchet lock) is available in some models. It allows setting retraction stops to keep the load suspended at predefined positions. The stops are automatically activated if the working load (tool) is moved back slowly. If pushed back fast, the mechanism remains inactive.



  • Stops automatically if main spring fails.
  • Safety expansion chain as a separate added fall prevention device.
  • Step less load balancing via worm gearing.
  • Replaceable high grade steel main spring.
  • Cable limiters prevent overload damage.
  • Cable exit opening prevents wear.
  • Adjustable return stop and buffer.
  • High strength safety hook can be swivelled and adjusted laterally for easy loading.
  • Minimises operator fatigue and encourages smooth work processes.
  • Models 7212 / 7222 / 7231 / 7236 are fitted with ratchet lock as standard.
  • Models 7241 and 7251 can be supplied with optional ratchet lock.
  • Shock resistant and non-abrasive housing.
  • All spring balancers have been life-tested and meet the terms of the DIN 15112 requirements. They also comply with the relevant EC legislation as attested by the CE-mark. In addition, they hold the “GS” mark (safety-tested).
  • These products cannot be refunded or exchanged for any reason other than a warranty issue. This is due to not being able to test the internal components for possible ware/misuse, thus not being able to safely resell the product.


    7200-1KRM0010.5 –
    7211-1KRM1110.5 –
    7211-2KRM1121.5 –
    7212-1KRM1210.5 –
    7212-2KRM1221.5 –
    7221-1KRM2112.0 –
    7221-2KRM2124.0 –
    7221-3KRM2137.0 –
    7221-4KRM21410.0 –
    7222-1KRM2212.0 –
    7222-2KRM2224.0 –
    7222-3KRM2237.0 –
    7222-4KRM22410.0 –
    7230-4KRM3049.0 –
    7230-5KRM30513.0 –
    7230-6KRM30616.0 –
    7231-4KRM3149.0 –
    7231-5KRM31513.0 –
    7231-6KRM31616.0 –
    7235-1KRM35115.0 –
    7235-2 KRM35225.0 –
    7235-3KRM35335.0 –
    7235-4KRM35445.0 –
    7236-1KRM36115.0 –
    7236-2KRM36225.0 –
    7236-3KRM36335.0 –
    7236-4KRM36445.0 –
    7241-2KRM41220.0 –
    7241-3KRM41330.0 –
    7241-4KRM41445.0 –
    7241-5KRM41560.0 –
    7241-6KRM41675.0 –
    7251-1KRM52115.0 –
    7251-2KRM52225.0 –
    7251-3KRM52335.0 –
    7251-4KRM52450.0 –
    7251-5KRM52565.0 –
    7251-6KRM52680.0 –
    7251-7KRM52790.0 –
    7251-10KRM530130.0 –
    7261-3KRM613200.0 – 225.01.549.0