JDN Air Hoists are available with various controls to suit every application.

Rope Control

The rope control provides infinite speed control for lifting and lowering and is suitable for any required control length. The rope control is available for all PROFI hoists up to 25 tonne carrying capacity. The PROFI 37Ti, 50Ti and 100Ti are fitted with a pull chain instead of a cord.


This FI-control allows infinitely variable speed control and the ergonomic design of the synthetic housing ensures comfortable handling for the operator. The use of non-rusting materials allows the application in areas with aggressive substances in the atmosphere. The control hoses are enclosed in an outer sheath which protects them from external conditions.


The F-control consists of unbreakable synthetic material resistant to ambient influences. The ergonomically designed housing ensures ease of handling. Up to 18 different control functions can be integrated into a single pendant control; for example key switch, double stage traveling speed and simultaneous control of several motors. The F-control can also be delivered with optional infinitely variable control of hoisting and traveling speeds.


The very robust brass valve distinguishes the E-control. The orientated design results in easy of handling. Only available in single speed control.


DS Control

The operating air is connected to the hand control valve. A built-in pressure regulator prevents overload to the hoist in case of inadmissibly high pressure. The motor connection housing of the DS control includes an oiler which automatically stops the oil flow when the hoist comes to a standstill.

An additional advantage: the oiler is situated directly around the motor. The operating air immediately feeds to the motor when the hand lever is actuated. The hand lever is spring loaded and returns automatically to the zero position when released. This forced release serves also as an emergency stop. The DS control is for two-hand operation and it is available for all air hoists of the “B” and “M” series.

PS Control

The PS control is an alternative for the DS control, being a single hand use controller for the M-series hoists.


Controls for JDN Air Hoists with Motor Trolley and JDN Monorail Hoists

For controlling JDN air hoists with motorised trolleys and JDN monorail hoists we recommend the four button version E or F – Control. The rope control option is also available.


Controls for JDN Air Cranes

For controlling JDN air cranes the F-control is the most suitable due to its multi-function capability.

Operating convenience via Radio Control

To overcome excessive distances between operator and crane, or to remotely use hoisting equipment, the JDN Radio Control offers a convenient and safe alternative to other control types. The JDN Radio Control is also available in explosion proof design.