Pacific Hoists Pty Ltd is committed to promoting and encouraging best practices to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Accident prevention and the safety of employees and visitors are vitally important issues for the Management of Pacific Hoists Pty Ltd.

Executive management at Pacific Hoists clearly recognises the importance of providing all employees and persons who may be affected by the operation of the organisation with a safe and healthy environment. Our business objective is to minimise the number of incidents and through the continuous improvement process achieve and maintain a zero harm working environment. To achieve this objective management is committed to provide all appropriate resources, and an Occupational Health and Safety management system that contains the necessary tools and procedures to facilitate the success of this business objective.

This organisation will at all times undertake the following activities:

  • Comply with all relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislation, codes of practice and appropriate standards
  • Achieve and maintain AS 4801 OHS Management System certification
  • Provide and maintain specific safety and health systems that are designed to identify, assess and control hazards and risks associated with company activities. When practicable identified hazards and risks will be eliminated, if however elimination is not a reasonable option then other appropriate control methods will be used
  • Provide a forum that actively promotes consultation and involvement of all employees in the achievement of the companies OHS objectives (OHS Representative)
  • Provide training, education, information and work instruction to enable employees and management to perform their work in a safe and healthy manner

Further to the above the company will:

  • Hold accountable all management, line supervisors and employees for the safe and healthful operation of this organisations activities
  • Ensure that all contractors and sub-contractors engaged by this organisation will comply with this policy, health and safety system requirements, rules, legislation or any other such protocol deemed necessary during their engagement

To achieve the OHS objectives of the organisation there is a clear requirement for all management and employees to comply with this policy, legislative requirements, safety management system and codes of practice as published.

Please download a PDF of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy here:
Pacific Hoists Occupational Health Safety Policy