Recently we had the pleasure of asking Nandi Kiss a few quick questions prior to his first race of the year at Perth Barbagallo on May 3rd – 5th. Read his thoughts below on racing, set backs and find out whether he’s a Holden or Ford fan.

nandi1Interviewer: VE Commodores or Utes?

Nandi: Utes

I: Driver or Team Manager?

N: Driver, without owning a team

I: Peter Brock or Dick Johnson?

N: Peter Brock

I: Ford or Holden?

N: Holden always

I: At what age did you start racing cars?

N: I started racing at 36 years old

I: What’s the best and worse part of car racing?

N: The best part about racing is the personal challenge you face when you’re in the car. The worst part would have to be the costs involved, especially as team owner and driver.

I: How do you prepare for a race?

N: I try not to think about it too much.

I: How do you usually unwind after a race?

N: I usually unwind by drinking heaps of water and sleeping

I: What driver do you admire most and why?

N: Russell Ingall. He’s still very competitive and older than me

I: What has been your ultimate career highlight?

N: For me it was that first step of getting myself to enter the V8 Supercars

crashI: When and where was your scariest racing moment?

N: 2003 I had a big crash in the V8 Utes and then in 2013 another big crash in the V8 Supercars at Bathurst.

I: Which is your favourite track in the Dunlop Series to race on and why?

N: I like Perth as I can relax a bit in my driving, other tracks require more concentration and focus

I: Do you have a fastest lap time that you’re trying to beat?

N: This year my goal is to try and better my personal best lap times from last year.

I: Do you have any regrets or anything you would change?

N: I would like to be able to do more track time if time and my schedule will permit it this year

I: Finally you’re back on the track for Perth, are you looking forward to it?

N: Yes I am. I was a bit sad not to be driving this year at Clipsal but after we parted ways from our last driver, Perth is a great track to rejoin the series on and get back behind the wheel


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