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Here at Pacific Hoists we try to make searching for the right product a little easier by answering your product questions. Here are 5  frequently asked questions about the JDN range of products.


Which nominal pressure is required for JDN Air Hoists?

JDN Air Hoists work at a nominal pressure of 6 bar (85 psi). The hoists are designed in such a way that the full load can be lifted at 5,4 bar (76,5 psi) that a possible loss at the hose is compensated. On request special version for 4 bar (58,02 psi) are available.


What are the benefits of using air hoists?

  • True vertical lift on all sizes
  • Easy handling
  • Accurate speed control with high torque
  • Low weight compared to electric hoists


Which hoist is suitable for my application?

The mini widens the range of application in the light duty sector as a handy, flexible and universally deployable hoist making it an ideal tool for the most different handicraft workshops. Carrying capacities: 125 kg up to 980 kg

JDN Air Hoists PROFI Series are very robust and therefore suitable for tough industrial applications even in continuous working processes. According to requirement there are various control systems. For traversing loads there are different trolleys to meet your special demands.Carrying capacities: 250 kg up to 100 t

JDN Air Hoists M and B series are designed for operating in mines.


What is the operational temperature?

Air hoists are insensitive with respect to high and low temperatures (70°C at motor, 150°C on chain and hook).


Which protection class have JDN Air Hoists?

On electric equipment the compartment or case is classified according to IP or NEMA. For example IP 68 rating equals dust ingress and submersible for a certain time acc. to manufactures specification.

An Air Hoists is an open system which is by nature sturdy and insensitive against dirty, aggressive and humid environment. The supply air blows out any ingress. So this makes the air hoist a unique and reliable tool in harsh environment and incomparable to electric hoists.


For further information on our JDN range visit our JDN product pages or contact the Pacific Hoists team on 02 8825 6900.


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