JDN ProductsThe last few decades has seen unparalleled development in the field of oil and gas exploration, particularly offshore. JDN hoists have played their part in this market with the development of Subsea Hoists. This means that underwater as well as on-deck lifting operations for a wide range of operational, maintenance and repair functions can be undertaken on jack-up rigs, semi-submersible platforms, drill ships and FPSO vessels. Even undertaking underwater pipeline and wellhead operations down to levels of 70 metres can also be considered.

Harbour locations often require underwater work, albeit not at great depths, while lakes, rivers, dams, reservoirs and bridge building operations can also have need for similar inspection, recovery or repair operations.

The viability of JDN Subsea Hoists in an underwater environment can be demonstrated through their current use in offshore and harbour projects around the world.

The purpose designed hoists are suitable for subsea operation, incorporating uprated performance and sealing features to withstand continuous underwater operation, even at depths of 70 metres. They can be supplied for either compressed air or hydraulic operation, utilising a diver-friendly pendant controller which is compatible with constricted, gloved-hand movements.

JDN SubSea HoistsIncreased versatility is also provided by the fact that these hook-suspended hoists can also be safely utilised for both horizontal and oblique pulling operations when required. Overload protection is incorporated as standard to cover whatever type of underwater work is undertaken within the demanding inner space environment.

Hoists designed for load limits outside of 3.2 to 6.4 tonnes, together with products capable of operating at depths greater than 70 metres could also be manufactured if required.

The hoist construction utilises stainless steel and traffic yellow marine protective paint specific to offshore, salt laden operations and can now successfully accommodate heavy duty, high performance operations with minimum maintenance or lubrication over extended periods of time.

Advantages Of JDN SubSea Hoists:

  • Air or hydraulic drive
  • Infinity variable speeds can be regulated sensitively
  • With overload protection
  • Very versatile, also suitable for horizontal and oblique pulling thanks to hook suspension
  • Hydraulic drive able to reach depths greater than 70 meters


View and download the JDN Subsea Hoists specifications here.

View the full range of JDN Hoists here.






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