Certification as “Known Consignor”

On April 18 2013, the J.D. Neuhaus GmbH & Co. KG company has been certified as “Known Consignor” by the Federal Aviation Office according to regulation (EC) No. 300/2008. This means that no additional prescribed security checks of their airfreight consignments at the airports are necessary. That saves time and money.


The New JDN Film: Around the World in 8 Minutes

Newsletter 118 GB -JDN1

A mine in China, a gas field in Siberia, a dockyard building drilling rigs in Norway, a steelworks in Duisburg, rental company in Chicago, an oil pumping station in Texas. All the above locations feature in the new JDN company film “Engineered for Extremes” because their hoists and crane systems are used under the harshest conditions for both man and machine!

Customers from all around the world contribute brief comments. “You can’t beat JDN”,  says one of them. And at the company museum on the production site in Witten on the Ruhr, Managing Director Wilfried Neuhaus-Galladé explains why that is the case: “It’s simply because we make everything a little bit better than it really needs to be.” He represents the seventh generation of the family business that dates back to 1745. In the film, he embodies the qualities that are typical of all JDN employees: responsibility,  quality made in Germany and enthusiasm for the future.

Watch the company film here: jdngroup.com/en/film



The “Book” of the Film

Newsletter 118 GB -JDN2

J.D. Neuhaus have expanded their product portfolio considerably in recent years. In addition to compressed air, they now use hydraulic power as a second drive medium for their hoists and crane systems in order to also provide solutions for further extreme operating environments.

JDN have also significantly extended their plant construction business. They are designing and producing complex crane systems as complete solutions for more and more customers. And for over a year now, they have been communicating their brand new performance promise: “Engineered for Extremes”. This is not just the title of their new film; it is also the title of their new printed portrait of J.D. Neuhaus that has just been published.

Find out some interesting facts from the company’s almost 270-year history, about the  harshest working conditions in the world and about their particular understanding of  what quality and customer orientation means.

Download a copy of their brochure here:




Newsletter 118 GB -JDN3JDN Campaign wins Golden Award

The jury of the World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany have selected the new JDN brand campaign “Engineered for Extremes” for the Intermedia Globe GOLD Award in the category of Corporate Identity. After being chosen for the German yearbook of  advertising; this is now the second award for their new campaign. Absolutely fantastic!



Event Dates

Newsletter 118 GB -JDN1CeMAT Russia, Moscow
24 to 27 September 2013
Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre, Moscow, Russia


Newsletter 118 GB -JDN2Coal Mining China, Beijing
22 to 25 October 2013
National Agriculture Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China


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