New Emergency Lowering Device

Within Newsletter No. 104 we informed you about the new emergency lowering device for JDN EH Monorail Hoists. This device has now also been fitted to a JDN Profi 50 TI Air Hoist for the first time. Hoists with this option are fitted with an air tank and two additional push buttons on the hand control valve. This will provide two-hand operation to avoid unintended lowering. The first button switches between normal operation and emergency lowering. The second button opens the integrated operational brake and the load is lowered by its own dead weight. The separate air tank, which is refilled during normal operation, maintains the brake function. The air tank is also protected with a check valve. The emergency device can be certified by Det Norske Veritas on demand. At the moment this option is available for JDN Profi Air Hoists 25 TI up to 60 TI. Requirement: Sufficient space has to be available for fitting the air tank. E.g. for moveable hoists mounted on trolleys, this could be the chain container or for stationery hoists, somewhere within the surrounding working area of the hoist.

New JDN logo and slogan

In recent years, there have been two main developments at J.D. Neuhaus. Firstly, the plant construction business has expanded and thus opened up new areas of application for our products. The planning and construction of crane systems or “engineering” has become an important and ever increasing aspect of our product and service portfolio. The second substantial change is a significant increase in hydraulic drives for crane systems and hoists. The crane systems are used mainly on drilling rigs. The hoists are ideally suited for subsea applications or BOP handling in arctic zones at temperatures down to -45° Celsius. J.D. Neuhaus is particularly strong where “extreme” operating conditions prevail.

These two developments at JDN are directly reflected in our new slogan: “engineered for extremes”.

And because this technical advance is so prominent, we also express it through the redesign of our logo. The triangle and the name have been combined. The new logo makes a much more modern and more powerful impression. Under this symbol, we will write the next chapter in the long history of our company.


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JDN Newsletter No. 112

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