For operation as a BOP Handling System JDN has developed the EH100 Monorail Air Hoists in compact design; as the standard hoists could not meet the requirements for special applications. The length of these hoists could be reduced by 1400 mm.

The JDN EH100 compact Monorail Hoist consists of two trolleys with a carrying capacity of 50 tonne each. An additional trolley, which will be installed after the test, works as a tensioning device of the BOP during drilling works.

The travel drive is a rack and pinion design so that inclines of up to 2.5° can be accomplished.



On a BOP Handling System, consisting of four JDN EH50 Monorail Air Hoists, the control system had to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Independent control of individual hoists
  • Control of two hoists as a pair
  • Common control of all four hoists
  • Optional individual pendant control for maintenance operations

One pair of monorail hoists is traversing on one common beam and for the individual control a separate energy supply per hoist was required.

This proved to be a real challenge for the JDN Engineers, because the space on the common beam was limited. They therefore placed one of the energy chains on top and the other chain, vice-versa, on the bottom side of the beam.

Each hoist is equipped with an emergency lowering device that allows a controlled lowering of the load in case of interruption of the air supply.

This solution demonstrates another example that JDN is able to meet complex requirements for the pneumatic controlling of a multiple hoist installation.



In March JDN joined the sustainability initiative “Blue Competence”, initiated by the VDMA (German Engineering Federation). The intention of “Blue Competence” is to link the engineering in all fields of sustainability and at the same time to focus the resources, know-how and strengths of the involved Alliance Members.


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JDN Newsletter 109 April 2012

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