Low Maintenance Hoists for Dive Work

subseaJ D Neuhaus’ years of experience with air and hydraulic chain hoists used for difficult underwater lifting and pulling operations have been put into the development of highly specialised units that require a minimum of maintenance.

Two hoists, the Profi 3Ti and 6Ti, offering 3.2 and 6.3 tonnes lift capacities respectively, have been introduced as specialised subsea products.

Each features high performance sealing qualities and even a purposed designed hand valve for easy operation by gloved divers.

After exhaustive testing they were approved for use by UMC International, a specialist company in underwater maintenance and repairs.

Working in this dangerous and demanding environment puts additional strains on both the personnel and equipment as they are subjected to conditions well outside conventional operational norms.

A typical subsea operation was recently shown on the National Geographic ‘World’s Toughest Fixes’ programme. This covered the removal, repair and eventual replacement of a damaged 50 ton rudder from a fully loaded bulk cargo vessel.

After breaking down while hauling $US3M  worth of iron from Brazil to China, the vessel had been towed to a safe mooring in Caracas Bay, off the coast of Venezuela. The operation involved the underwater setting up and rigging of three air operated JDN Profi 25Ti hoists (offering 25 tonne lift capacity each) to provide the necessary pulling and lifting power.

subsea1Previously for subsea operations of this type, standard JDN hoists have required a full rebuild on completion of  the jobs. This is not the case with the new models.

They offer optional air or hydraulic operation available for at depths of 70 metres, together with standard features such as variable speed control and overload protection.

A top suspension hook mounting ensures versatility and maximum compatibility with horizontal or oblique pulling operations as well as standard vertical lifting.

Both new units feature 3kW vane motors, with 3 metre chain lifts incorporated as standard and 2 metre cables supplied for control unit operation. Optional cable and chain lengths can be accommodated, together with uprated hoists for operation at even greater water depths if required.


For more information on the JDN Subsea Hoists, please click here: http://www.pacifichoists.com.au/our-products/categories/hoisting-equipment/air-hoists/jdn-subsea-hoists/

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