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With a 28-year-old JDN air hoist still running as strong as ever at Coates Hire’s Hunter Valley Industrial Services Division, it is little wonder that Manager Karl Antoine has never even considered any other brand.

The affectionately named “Grey Beard” has been identified by the JDN distributor, Pacific Hoists, as the oldest known compressed air hoist still in operation and, according to Karl, the six-tonner is easily as healthy as any other piece of equipment in the lift and shift specialist’s yard – healthier than some.

“It’s testament to the JDN brand,”he said.

“When you consider that it is in regular use in the hire industry where operators are anything but kind, the longevity is just astounding.”

Grey Beard’s origin’s are unknown. Indeed, its very existence came as a surprise to Pacific Hoists when a busy period in the Coates Hire workshop necessitated sending the machine to Pacific Hoists to have the vanes serviced.

Karl’s Sandgate branch acquired the machine originally from the company’s depot within Queensland Aluminium.

“We were busy and short of equipment and they didn’t haveanything to loan us other than Grey Beard, which had been sitting in the back of their yard unused.

“We cleaned it up, checked it out and it has been running since day one without missing a beat. It’s a tough little workhorse.”

With more than 21 years experience in the hire industry, eight of them specialising in heavy duty hoists and shifting equipment for industry, firstly with Booths Hire and then with Coates Hire Industrial Services, Karl knows his equipment inside out.

He has nothing but praise for the German-built J.D Neuhaus range of air powered hoists.

“Although one or two of our branches may have some other brands that are legacy equipment left over from our acquisition of other companies, we basically carry JDN exclusively.

“They come into their own when you’re lifting regularly. When you have  a 10-15m drop and are lifting 10 times a day, you don’t want to be winding a manual chain block and the equivalent electric one would simply overheat.

“The beauty of air is it just goes all day.

“We’ve got multiples of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 10 tonne JDN air hoists with some reasonably long drops the equivalent of seven stories. They’re used continually by the mines, power stations and industries in this region, meaning they are operating in the harshest of

JDN Profi_6ti_300dpi“If you see the way that our gear is treated you wouldn’t believe it.

“They’ll get dropped on their sides and dragged along and they’ll come back to us literally covered with coal dust, mud and clay.

“But JDNs are pretty good when it comes to reliability.

“It is very rare that anything goes wrong with them and when it does it’s usually because we haven’t kept up with their servicing.”

Karl said that quite apart from the reliability and integrity of the brand, the other advantage of having a 100% JDN fleet is the parts interchangeability combined with the service, backup and support from Pacific Hoists.

“Because we’re a seven day a week, 24 hours a day business, support is absolutely essential.

“With Pacific Hoists it only takes a phone call to solve any issues. They keep a good range of parts in stock and even when it came to servicing our 28-year-old air hoist and replacing the vanes, there was not a problem.

“And the quality of the work they did is evidence by the fact that this hoist each year passes it’s rigorous annual inspection with ease.”

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