IMG_7598_CMYKSimplex  have a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical jacks designed to fit a variety of applications. Their unsurpassed quality and proven ability to withstand even the toughest of environments have made Simplex an industry leader.

With safety a top priority for the brand, here are 9 easy steps to ensure you use your Simplex jack safely.


  • Check that the jack and packaging are undamaged before use
  • Ensure the jack is used only on a firm and level surface
  • Distribute the weight of the load evenly across the jack. Do not load the jack off centre
  • Lifting Jacks HydCheck the head of the jack is in full, firm contact with the jacking point on the load.
  • Lift and lower the load in small stages to reduce the risk of the load falling
  • Do not raise the load higher than necessary, ensure it is kept within it’s limit of operation
  • Never over extend the jack
  • Never leave a load supported on jacks unless they are specifically designed for that purpose
  • Always keep hands and toes clear, never reach under, work or climb on a load supported by jacks




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