The use of any chain and lever block presents some risk of personal injury or property damage. That risk is greatly increased if proper instructions and warnings are not adhered too. Before using your chain or lever block, you must become thoroughly familiar with all warnings, instructions and recommendations.

  • Do not operate the chain or lever block unless you are fully trained, physically fit and authorised to do so.
  • Your block may be fitted with various safety devices; load brakes, hook latch, limit switch, emergency stop and shock protection. Prior to using your block, please ensure you identify and become familiar with these devices, if any.
  • Chain and lever blocks are not designed for, and should not be used for, lifting, supporting or transporting personnel. Never modify, re-rate or alter hoisting equipment.
  • Never stand under a raised load.
  • Lifting must always be personally attended, never leave a raised load unattended.
  • Over capacity load lifting is hazardous and should not be undertaken.
  • Always inspect the chain or lever block prior to use.
  • Never operate the chain or lever block if the chain is kinked, twisted or damaged.
  • Never pull the bottom hook into the block housing.
  • Do not expose block to rain or excessive humidity.
  • Chain and lever blocks are designed for manual lifting. Do not use a motor or other mechanical device to lift the load.
  • Check daily; chain (for wear, twists and kinks and that it feeds through block smoothly), hook (for throat for width increase, safety latch, bolts and nuts.
  • Check quarterly; components, gears, shafts, bearings and brakes.