Precision control, improved safety and convenience, these are some of the key benefits of operating your hoist by remote control. Offered as an optional extra on some of our hoisting and winching range, easy remote operation is only a click away!


Ergo designJUUKO Industrial Radio Remote Controls

JUUKO is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of industrial radio remote controls. Their products are used in over 20 countries around the world in the hoisting and cranes industry. The perfect tool for magnetic cranes, overhead cranes, electric chain hoists and tandem operations.

The K-Series remote controls are available with all Hitachi, Pacific and Challenger Electric Chain Hoists and Comeup Electric Winches (excluding Porta Hoists and CWS / CWL ranges).

JUUKO Remote Controls specifications here


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IKUSI Remote Controls – T 70 1

The Ikusi T70 1 is an easy two-step push-button control with multi-band radio and full duplex communication. Highly customisable the Ikusi Remote Control is the perfect

addition to any Pacific Electric Chain Hoist and Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist. Impact resistant it comes inclusive of an RO6 receiver and battery power pack.

Ikusi Remote Control specifications here.




Remote Images Thumbnails2JDN Controls

JDN Air Hoists are available with an electric over pneumatic control to suit every application, Their custom-built electric cordless remote control has an operating distance of up to 100m. With a remote to hoist response time of <150ms it overcomes excessive distances between operator and crane and allows operators to remotely use their hoisting equipment.The JDN cordless remote offers a convenient and safe alternative to other control types.

JDN Controls specifications here.



Remote Images Thumbnails3Comeup Winch Wireless Remote Control

The Comeup DV Recovery 4WD Winch comes with the available option of a wireless remote control. The 3 or 6 pin wireless remote (dependant on the DV Winch model) has a transmission range of 15 – 27m and a receiver operation voltage of 8 – 24V. The remote comes inclusive of a switch cord W/P3, lithium battery and handsaver strap.

Comeup Winch Wireless Remote Control specifications here.



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