Clipsal 500 – Adelaide Feb 28th – Mar 3rd 2013

The first of this year’s V8 Supercar Dunlop Development Series Races was held in Adelaide at the Clipsal 500 and eagerly awaited by the Pacific Hoists and Nandi Kiss Racing Crew and also our new driver Chris Alajajian.

Thursday 28th February was the first day of the 4 day event which saw Chris master the corners of Clipsal and practice his driving behind the Pacific Hoists and Nandi Kiss Team sponsored VE Commodore during the first two practice laps. With a best time of 1:26:3108 by the 2nd lap, Chris had positioned himself 26th on the grid for Race 1 on Friday, a fair achievement for the 26 year old who had only some 10 days prior to the event taken the car for its first test drive at Wakefield Park.

With both practice laps completed attention was moved to the evening’s hot laps, scheduled for 3 lucky distributors, of the Clipsal Circuit. The excitement was palpable with all 3 hot lappers suited up and thrilled at the chance to be in the passenger seat of a car topping speeds of 160km/hr. Once over, it was obvious the adrenalin was still pumping through the passengers as they thanked the PH Team and Race crew for the experience and left for the evening on a racing high.

Friday morning was an early start with the all race day attendees arriving at 9:30am for their first opportunity to watch the qualifying session just before 10am. This was followed by a ‘Meet and Greet‘ with Nandi Kiss and the team for a first hand insight into the set-up of the car, what it is like for the driver and the finer technical aspects of the race car. This was an opportunity enjoyed by a big number of attendees who openly chatted with the team, as well as Chris and Nandi.

Race 1 on Friday kicked off at 5.45pm allowing all attendees on the day the opportunity to explore the Clipsal circuit and watch all the action of the Clipsal races throughout the day.  A handful of distributors on the day were also allowed the opportunity to view the live action of Race 1 via the Pits and see the Pit Crew in action and Chris Place 23rd in the field. By 8pm the day finally drew to a close.

Saturday’s attendees of distributors and end users alike were equally as excited to be part of the Clipsal experience. After a very early meeting time of 8:15am, they too enjoyed a casual meet and greet with the team and enjoyed the Clipsal entertainment session planned for the early half of the day. At 12:45pm all eyes were on Chris (and Casey Stoner) as Race 2 kicked off. Chris moved quickly up to 17th position after 3 laps but ultimately finished in 20th position at the end of the race, a great achievement for his first time as part of the Pacific Hoists and Nandi Kiss Team.

After the race all invitees made their way back to the tent for the culinary delights of a traditional Aussie BBQ held by the PH Team which was followed by a few quick group shots of everyone on the day.

All in all a great day and experience for all involved!


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Thank you so much for the invitation to the Clipsal, it is greatly appreciated.

The Hotlap was an experience that I will treasure and has given me some major bragging rights! I was very impressed with the driver and car setup.

As a race driver myself it was great to see such a professional and friendly team, and to notice your employees having a real feel for the sport and showing interest in the car, driver and results. Having your logos over the Car in such an event no doubt will be an excellent talking point and initiate interest to people needing to use products such as yours, plus give customers another great reason to choose your brand over competitors’ that do not contribute to amazing fun filled sports, good on you guys.

I’m sure there was an immense amount of work behind the scenes to pull off the weekend and it is certainly appreciated.

I wish you, your employees and the company all the best and hope your contributions to the sport are of great benefit.

Thanks again,

Justin from A Nobles & Son Ltd.


On behalf of Active Lifting Equipment I would say we really enjoyed ourselves and thank Pacific hoists for the invitation.

I also would like to thank Richard Lawson who was a tireless worker and friendly person to all people at the tent.

He is a great acquisition to your company, I was really impressed.

Thank you also for the hot lap.

David from Active Lifting Equipment Co Pty Ltd


My first week back at work and before it gets hectic again I thought I’d write to personally thank you and Pacific Hoists for your hospitality on the Friday of the Clipsal 500.  For me personally it was an excellent day, much better than a typical ‘corporate day at the Clipsal 500’.  I appreciated the rare opportunity to be around observing and ask questions of Nandi and his dedicated team.  A big thank you to Nandi for his explanation of the history of the team and the construction of the car.  I now understand why Nandi pursues this very expensive hobby!  I have a background in data acquisition and numerical analysis so I also appreciated all the telemetry from the car and just how adjustable it is.  If Nandi ever needs a hand on his team just say the word!

So, thank you very much from me personally, as well as KLM Group.  Many thanks to Pacific Hoists, the Nandi Kiss racing team, and Hitachi.  It is a day I shall remember for a long time.

Best regards,

Chris from KLM Group Limited

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