Everyone’s a Winner at City2Surf!

Congratulations to the Pacific Hoists Team on competing in and completing the 2013 City2Surf!

Our team of 9 runners, joggers and walkers enjoyed a perfect Sydney Sunday as they huffed and puffed their way through the 85,000 strong crowd to make the 14km long journey to the finish line and what a journey it was!

The team began the easy paced 6km long journey to the infamous Heartbreak Hill which saw the main group split into smaller groups as each person set their own pace to conquer the huge feat ahead.

Whilst most chose to alternate between jogging and walking, there were a few gutsy PH members committed to running the whole 14km with only a quick reach out to the Gatorade and water tables as they made their way to the incline ahead.

Heartbreak Hill saw our runners conquering it without so much as breaking a sweat, whilst the rest of the team enjoyed the view through the almost 2km walk/jog up through Rose Bay.

The final 6km down to Bondi Beach had all of our team pushed to the limit to finish the race below the 3 hour mark, in what was for most their first time participating in this event. What a finish it was for everyone when they passed that finish line; all well under 3 hours and with the fast top three all under 1.5 hours!

After the race, thanks to our charity of choice, we all made our way down to The Sydney Children’s Hospital & Bear Cottage marquee for a well-deserved feed, a few drinks and a chance to catch our breaths and swap stories of how we finished the race and conquered the mountain!

Pacific Hoists would like to thank everyone who supported the team through donations and well wishes; we were able to knock out our target of $5,000 and raise a huge $6,493.72.

Our fundraising page will remain open for the next 4 weeks for anyone who would still like show their support to the great work of The Westmead Children’s Hospital & Bear Cottage.

To view more of our photos on Facebook click here.

To make a donation to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Bear Cottage via our fundraising page click here.



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