Chill Perth 360 – Barbagello Raceway

Another successful V8 weekend in Perth at Barbagello Raceway, with perfect weather conditions for racing and a day out in the sun. The Pacific Hoists and Nandi Kiss team played host to over 40 customers on both the Saturday and Sunday keeping the team thoroughly busy over the weekend.

The weekend began with Friday hot laps which were enjoyed by two distributors and were in all respects a success, as both passengers enjoyed the experience of flying around the track at high speeds with Nandi behind the wheel. The third passenger to enjoy the experience was none other than our NZ Branch General Manager, who had flown in for the weekend to be part of the Perth experience and got a little more than he planned for!

Saturday’s early morning start saw the arrival of customers from 8am, in time to see the first qualifying laps of the Dunlop Series. Nandi qualified in position 28th  with a fastest lap time of 0:59.2627 on lap 12. By Race 1 he had moved up 2 positions to 26th.

This was followed by the day’s meet and greet with the race team.  Nandi and his team had customers engaged with stories on how he began his career, what it takes for the team to operate and hands on presentation of how the car works, this included many photo opportunities for customers behind the wheel and with Nandi.

Sunday kicked off with the same level of enthusiasm at 9am, with even more customers excited and ready to make the most of the day. The morning began with back to back racing in both the Supercars and Dunlop Series. Race 2 in the Dunlop Series, Nandi fell back into 28th position with a race time of 18:45:4556. Jack Perkins of Eggelston Motorsport won the race with a time of 17:49:6082. Race 3 Nandi was flagged as a DNF.

By 1pm everyone was back at Camp PH and ready for Nandi’s team presentation, with many commenting on how impressed they were with Nandi and on how approachable he was throughout the day.

The PH team were also highly commended on their now perfected skills with the bbq with customers across both day’s enjoying the culinary delights of a great bbq and salad lunch ensuring customers left happy and energised for the rest of their day at the raceway.

All in all another successful V8 weekend held by the Pacific Hoists and Nandi Kiss Team!



Round Results:  29th – 30 points

Point Standing Race 2 of 7:  34th – 30 points

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I would like to thank Neil, Daryl, Amanda & Nandi for their hospitality and a great day.

Amanda cooked a mean BBQ which was well received by all.

The opportunity to look over the car was great, only ever see them on TV up that close and Nandi gave a great insight to the category and how it fits together.   Shame the results were not forthcoming over the weekend.

Again, thank you for the invite.

Peter at Beaver Mining Supplies



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