Why should you pair your Challenger Electric Chain Hoists with Juuko Remote Controls?

  • Wireless connection: Stand up to 100m from your Challenger Electric Chain Hoist operations to ensure a safe distance from the operating site
  • Auto channel switching: Easily switch between primary and secondary working frequency according to your needs, and the Challenger Electric Chain Hoist will respond immediately without delay
  • Electric key code: Prevention of accidental activation of transmitter with an automatic shut-down option
  • Eco power management system: To ensure long-lasting durability of remote battery life
  • Data logging Black Box system: Record date and remote usage to track and review any specific moments of your Challenger Electric Chain Hoist
  • Ergonomic design: Provides comfort and easy-to-use functionalities. Its ergonomic design complements its shock resistant design and ultra-high impact resistant corner bumpers


Sounds good! How do I get one?

Click here to view more about the product. Contact our sales team at: 02 8825 6999 (AUSTRALIA) or  001164 9 2635566 (NEW ZEALAND) to get a quote.

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