AKAPP Multiconductor Ventilation Housing

AKAPP systems are not only good for standard applications in electric overhead travelling cranes and or AS/RS (retrofit), they also accommodate for the more specialised market. This includes harsher environments with humidity and dust, where the AKAPP Multiconductor outperforms other brands.

Due to the combination of continuous copper conductors without joints and the unique AKAPP designed double sealing strip feature, the Multiconductor has an advantage over it’s competitors

A relatively unknown feature of Multiconductor is the Ventilation Housing. This being a reliable solution that can be used or may be required in both indoor/outdoor systems throughout i.e. EOT cranes in concrete precast industry that bring ready products to the outdoor storage area.

Within that same area you will also find concrete skippers (buckets) that bring liquid concrete from the mixing to the batching location.

The below image shows the AKAPP system fitted and successfully being used in this industry.


Cranes, Skippers (that travel both indoor and outdoor) including batching machines that all use some sort of power feed such as Conductor systems, Cable reels or Festoons. In a lot of situations the originally specified systems are poorly designed or installed and require replacement after a couple of years use.

A similar industry type is robotised cattle feed systems. These systems are all characterised by long systems that generally consist of humid and dusty conditions, sometimes corrosive such as exposure to (ammonia) .

AKAPP2In cattle feed systems we come across multiple curved systems that in some applications incorporate switching or rotating platforms with track transfers. This includes advanced systems that accommodate challenges in ambient changes with track expansion

Its no coincidence that the majority of cattle feed systems use AKAPP. This being a Certified IP44 enclosed Multiconductor with continuous copper conductors as a benchmark, leader and recognised throughout the agricultural industries (worldwide).

Both applications often need to deal with a warmer indoor area and a colder outdoor area. In this situation the Ventilation Housing can be advantageous .

Dimensions of Ventilation Housing
A: 1000 mm
B: 400 mm
Part No. 1001060.B0000


The ventilation housing is a part that ensures air circulation within the PVC housing and avoids condensation in the often colder outdoor part of the track. The unit is located directly outside and warm air, high in humidity, can escape without condensing in the colder outdoor system section and that wit AKAPP innovation accommodate specific and specialised industries.









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