AKAPP achieve certification in North American and Chinese markets

Last year AKAPP put their efforts entirely into obtaining certification in the Chinese and North American markets with the CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) & UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certificates.

Having already succeeded in obtaining various quality related certificates on AKAPP products and organisation such as CE, CSA, IP23, IP44 and ISO; the team at AKAPP were focused on those two new certifications.

AKAPP are now proud to announce that all their efforts to obtain those prestigious certifications have been rewarded with the achievement of UL and CCC certificates for their complete Conductor bar program.

This includes all their Pro-Ductor (PR4, PR7, 1PR10), Multiconductor and 4-Ductor systems.

To view the available certificates from the issuing organisations, please click on the following links:


CCC Certification

CSA Certification

ISO Certification

UL Certification – for the U.S

UL Certification – for Canada

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